About pH Health

What has become more and more evident, is that most illnesses come from the same basic root cause, too much tissue acid waste in the body! If you want to regain your health, it's is incumbent upon you to learn about how proper pH balance and diet can and will impact your body. Unfortunately, any waste acids not eradicated when they should be, become reabsorbed from the colon into the liver and put back into general circulation. It's from there they are then deposited in the tissues. It is these tissue residues that determine sickness or health! In order to discover what tissue acid wastes are present the process of alkalizing yourself and purging them from the body will only result in improved health, increased energy and more strength to enjoy life fully. This is where the pH balance diet comes in. You can think of it this way, low body pH (too much acidity in the body) is like having too little oil in your car. The car will just grind to a halt and the body does the exact same thing. As you start aging, you may start finding yourself in some kind of discomfort. It doesn't matter what life you have, if you are a meat eaters or eat a vegetarian diet, as everyone will suffer its gradual effects. There is no denying that our current understanding of health care continues to promote a negative pattern. Many truly believe they are meant to suffer these aches and pains. After all, their parents did. Their parents misguidedly popped every acid-forming synthetic substance they could into their bodies to artificially whip the undernourished glands into a little more stimulation, if just for a few hours to ease their pain. When that didn't work, an option would be to swallow another drug when the pain started again.

As a first step, we need to examine what can be done to prevent and alleviate health problems created by pH imbalances in order to obtain a basic understanding of the biochemical definitions of pH. After certain minerals found in foods are metabolized, alkaline or acid residues become contained in the urine. Previous measurements used were based on an ideal physical system. As not that many "ideal" physical systems are available, the original concept of putting consistent gram numbers on the amount of mineral content left in the urine, after digestion and excretion, is almost impossible. Another factor weighing in is that since each person is different, he/she will have different levels of acid toxins already stored in the tissues that will, in some cases, be liberated with the introduction of alkaline pH forming substances. As a result, mixed in with the urine could be newly released acid mineral residues which would alter an otherwise "ideal" reading. Even the healthiest of persons spill acid poisons into the urine by having taken in a great deal of alkaline-forming foods the day before. Another factor in the pH balance equation is how the body processes certain essential vitamins and minerals in foods that are either acid-binding or alkaline-binding. Acid-binding means the body will bind acid toxins and leave alkaline-forming ash in the urine. The following acid-binding, or alkaline-forming minerals are: Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Iron, and Manganese, thus foods in a pH diet are rich in these minerals. Foods or other ingestible items that are called alkaline-forming, usually yield an alkaline urine residue. Alkaline-binding means that they bind the alkaline reserve minerals and leave an acid-forming ash in the urine. The following alkaline-binding, or acid forming minerals are: Phosphorous, Sulphur, Chlorine, Iodine, Bromine, Fluorine, and Silicon. Foods or other ingestibles that contain these usually yield an acid residue.

An alkaline-forming reaction refers to any chemical alteration in the body that produces an increased ability to energize the system and leaves an alkaline residue in the urine. An acid-forming reaction refers to any chemical alteration in the body that produces a decreased ability to energize the system and leaves an acid residue in the urine. A determination of a substance being alkaline or acid is the pH (potential Hydrogen) level. This measures the number of hydroxyl (OH-) ions which are negative and alkaline-forming as opposed to the amount of hydrogen (H+) ions that are positive and acid-forming. From the standpoint of pure energy, pH is the measurement of electrical resistance between negative and positive ions in the body. In other words, pH measures how much the negative ions (alkaline-forming) and positive ions (acid-forming) push against one another. From another perspective, alkaline and acid-forming reactions are purely electro-chemical, meaning we are not just a conglomeration of chemicals, but are also an entire system of highly organized electrical reactions. In simpler terms, we are vibrating beings. The stronger the inner vibration, the healthier we are. The amplitude of body electricity alters in exact proportion to the amount of alkaline and acid-forming chemicals internally present at any one moment. To be blunt, acid wastes literally attack the joints, tissues, muscles, organs and glands causing minor to major dysfunction. In attacking the joints, arthritis could quite possibly develop. In attacking the muscles, myofibrosis (aching muscles) could occur. When an attack on organs and glands occurs, a whole myriad of illnesses could develop. The intent, therefore, is to show how alkaline-forming substances and situations create powerful, sustaining electrochemical results which are leading to a superior health. By implementing a pH balancing diet, you'll truly to experience optimal and vibrant health.