Romances: Keeping You Blushing

I was thinking lately, despite reading more and more romances, I am still embarrassed when caught reading one. I don't mind mild ribbing by my family, but basically they ignore my reading choices, or don't have much to say. The exception, of course, is a racy cover. Naked mens (intentional misspelling) will always bring comments. But due to a very recent incident (yesterday) I am examining my feelings about romance novels. I have always liked romance, but really romances contain a little more than just, "Aw, how sweet!" romance-y subjects. My constant comment to my sister (Mar) is that I am basically waving a big red flag and shouting, "Yo, I am reading about s3x, s3x and more s3xing! Hell yes!" I don't think I'd mind the reactions of others if it was something beyond creepy smiles and silence, which I usually receive (I think my mum still doesn't like the fact that I am an adult and can read "silly" books if I want to). Well, the incident in question was with my uncle, who had always been inquisitive about what I am reading. He never liked my manga (Japanese graphic novel) phase, saying I was just wasting my money (which I was, but hey, I was a ignorant baby then... and libraries were for oldies, well okay libraries just did not have lots or any manga). 

So he extends his hand and I reluctantly hand of over book. I do tend to tuck my book away whenever he comes around now, but this particular day I slipped up (I'd add a big "of course" in caps and a eye roll and maybe a shoulder shrug here). I actually started blushing when he picked the book and read the title, out loud! At least the title wasn't something like, The Man Who is Hung Like a Horse Seduces an Innocent Virgin (This actually sounds more like a title to a news article than a book title). Oh my Gat! It was cringe worthy just the same though. So my face is the same temp as the sun now and I am watching dear old uncle actually open the book; he likes to read some of it sometimes. He also has this bit where he tells me the "ending," which is something he makes up on the spot, trying get make me worried or make me laugh...not too sure which it is. So he flips through the pages. Now, this is a romance that has a pretty mild cover but a hugely steamy cover insert page. This one of course had the usual couple making out in an almost horizontal pose (ack), and they are in a certain stage of undress, their clothes exceedingly rumpled. Now, my uncle, most of the time, has something to say about the book. This time: nothing. Nothing at all. I ran.