Thoughts on a T-shirt

Work has been positively crushing lately, and my to-do list at home as been rather full as well - so I haven't had much in the way of free time. That doesn't mean that I haven't been thinking about, and planning for the t-shirt challenge. I've been gathering supplies and materials for my run at a few ArtOrder t-shirts that I can take to IlluxCon. I'm going to try a few different techniques... I've got my screen printing gear primed and waiting to get swiping. I've grabbed a big bottle of bleach and a couple spray bottles and am planning a few distressed style ideas. I procured a fresh lino block, and have a stamping idea kicking around in the back  of my head. I pulled out a few sheets of plastic and talked with a friend that creates signage about cutting me some stencils (might just hand cut though). I've got some spray paint waiting in the wings to make it's appearance. The biggest issue I've got is time. I've seen a few ideas posted in the discussion forum for the challenge, and I'm looking forward to seeing more ideas and in-progress shots. Don't forget, the deadline is coming up fast. And in case you missed it, here's a look at Christopher Burdette's t-shirt design on TeeFury that prompted this whole challenge. Yeah I ordered my own bug shirt. Friday will feature a new challenge, one that can get published! Until then I'm off to dig through email and chat with the gang in the ArtOrder chat.